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Fun Letters

All letters will be personalized.

Do you get fed up with your mates taking the rise out of you because you still haven't got a partner yet, or perhaps because you haven't "done it!" yet. Well, all you have to do is write to me at the address below, telling me all I need to know, so that I can write you a letter that you can show to your mates and prove you have got a relationship: When you write to me include details like, what you would like my name to be, how old I am, where we meet and how often etc...etc...., and I will send you a hand written personalized letter to get your mates off your back.


: Perhaps there is something you want to get off your chest to someone who has done you wrong but you are not brave enough to write yourself, just in case they recognize your writing, tell me what to say - where to post it, and I will do the rest signing it anon unless you specify otherwise.


: Maybe you would like a type written letter, something more formal to show someone as an excuse for not attending "whatever". I will also create a bogus company headed letter if you wish. Again just tell me what I need to know and where to post it.

In Fact any letter you want me to write - I will do so. Just furnish me with all the relevant details and I will oblige. All subjects acceptable.


If your payment is cash (use registered post), or postal orders you will receive your letter by return of post. If sending cheques please allow 7 days for cheques to clear. The fee for this service is £5.00 and cheques should be made payable to Ms Lacey. Please post your instructions with your payment to:

Ms. Lacey
P.O.Box 443
East Grinstead
RH19 3ZQ
If applying from outside the United Kingdom please convert to your local currency and add the equivalent of £1.00 to cover air-mail postage costs.

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